The story

The company was founded in 1990 by Ms. Ágnes Sándor, under the name of Kurt O. John Trading Ltd. The firm Kurt O. John Kuststofftechnik (D-Münchweiler) had a share of 95 % whilst Mrs. Ágnes Sándor had a share of 5 % in this venture, registered on the 1st of November. In this period the company was representing the companies Kurt O. John, Carl Freudenberg (D-Weinheim), Tegü (D-Pirmasens), Fagus (D-Pirmasens), ATLAS-AGO (D-Münchweiler) and Mark Metallwarenfabrik (A-Spital am Pyhrn).

In 1994 the German owners, because of the large-scale recession in the shoe production, did not see any further point in maintaining a direct presence on the Hungarian market. They decided to dissolve the company. Mrs. Ágnes Sándor and her husband Mr. István Fodor decided not to let the accumulated capital of connections and information go to waste, and purchased the whole holding. From this time on the company operates as a purely Hungarian, family business. The change of ownership naturally brought with it a change of name too, and from this time on the company has been known as XANEX-TRADE. The name XANEX comes from the family name of Ms. Sándor, although the connection is scarcely discernible because of too much transposition.

The dog first appeared in the company’s logo in 1996. The designing graphical artist took Velvet Black Dany – a cocker spaniel born in 1994 and also a member of the family – as his model for the black dog-head with the long ears. Since he was a puppy until he passed away in March 2006, the little dog has been a constant part of office work as well as an essential participant of the company’s exhibitions. The dog like an animal in the coat of arms inclines the people towards favourable associations, and these associations of ideas amplify carefully formulated image of the venture.

You can find many of the original partners among the companies represented by XANEX-TRADE today, like the firms Mark Metallwarenfabrik, John Shoe Components, and Freudenberg Vliesstoffe. Also many new partners are offering their products through this venture now, like  Emsold, Chimiche Industrie Forestali, Brill Design, Dokada or RH Design. And you can find a company, firm Fagus, which was there at the beginning and is, after a longer absence once again among our partners.

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